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  • Moreira, Raiane Cordeiro de Souza; (Universidade Federal de ViçosaBREstudos Linguisticos e Estudos LiteráriosMestrado em LetrasUFV, 2011-02-28)
    Este trabalho tem como objetivo realizar um estudo comparativo entre as obras Vidas Secas, de Graciliano Ramos e A Hora da Estrela, de Clarice Lispector, dando ênfase à trajetória existencial das personagens de Fabiano e ...
  • Rolfs, P. H. (Peter Henry), 1865-1944 (University of Florida Smathers Libraries/Arquivo Central e Histórico da UFV., 2018-04-26)
    Vista interna das Instalações do engenho para a produção de cachaça.
  • Rolfs, P. H. (Peter Henry), 1865-1944 (University of Florida Smathers Libraries/Arquivo Central e Histórico da UFV., 2018-04-26)
    Instalações do engenho de cana para fabricação de cachaça.
  • Rolfs, P. H. (Peter Henry), 1985-1944 (University of Florida Smathers Libraries/ Arquivo Central e Histórico da UFV, 2016-10-18)
    Operários trabalhando na fabricação de esteira de teto para primeira Residência do Diretor.
  • Rolfs, P.H (Peter Henry), 1865-1944 (University of FLorida Smathers Libraries/ Arquivo Central e Historico da UFV, 2016-09-14)
    Fabricação de estrutura para telhado(conhecido na época como tesoura), utilizada em local desconhecido.
  • ESAV (Arquivo Central e Histórico da UFV, 2015-12-14)
    Homens trabalhando na fabricação de tancagem e sangue seco.
  • Silva, Saimon Filipe Covre da; Mardegan, Thayná; Araújo, Sidnei Ramis de; Ramirez, Carlos Alberto Ospina; Kiravittaya, Suwit; Couto, Odilon D. D. Jr; Iikawa, Fernando; Deneke, Christoph (Nanoscale Research Letters, 2017-01-21)
    We use a combined process of Ga-assisted deoxidation and local droplet etching to fabricate unstrained mesoscopic GaAs/AlGaAs structures exhibiting a high shape anisotropy with a length up to 1.2 μm and a width of 150 nm. ...
  • Braga, Lucas S.; Correa, Alberto Soares; Pereira, E. J. G.; Guedes, Raul Narciso (Face or flee? Fenitrothion resistance and behavioral response in populations of the maize weevil, Sitophilus zeamais, 2011-02-26)
    Insect survival in the presence of contact insecticides may be through physiological mechanisms or avoidance of contact with the compound. Curiously, although the first alternative is the object of frequent attention, the ...
  • Pereira, Olinto L.; Jayasiri, Subashini C.; Hyde, Kevin D.; Ariyawansa, Hiran A.; Bhat, Jayarama; Buyck, Bart; Cai, Lei; Dai, Yu-Cheng; Abd-Elsalam, Kamel A.; Ertz, Damien; Hidayat, Iman; Jeewon, Rajesh; Jones, E. B. Gareth; Bahkali, Ali H.; Karunarathna, Samantha C.; Liu, Jian-Kui; Luangsa-ard, J. Jennifer; et al. (Fungal Diversity, 2015-11-03)
    Taxonomic names are key links between various databases that store information on different organisms. Several global fungal nomenclural and taxonomic databases (notably Index Fungorum, Species Fungorum and MycoBank) can ...
  • Rolfs, P. H. (Peter Henry), 1865-1944 (University of Florida Smathers Libraries/Arquivo Central e Histórico da UFV., 2018-04-19)
    Operários trabalhando na fachada lateral do Edifício Principal, em construção.
  • Barbosa, Sabrina Andrade; (Universidade Federal de ViçosaBRPlanejamento e Avaliação do Espaço ConstruídoMestrado em Arquitetura e UrbanismoUFV, 2012-04-17)
    Este trabalho buscou investigar o potencial da fachada dupla na ventilação de ambientes no clima tropical de altitude. Foram estudadas as classificações e os principais componentes das fachadas duplas, além de pesquisados ...
  • Maronesi, R.N.; Ferreira, D.L.; Lana Jr, M.L.; Couto, M.S.; Ferreira, S.O.; Silva, A.G. (Journal of Luminescence, 2018-10)
    A simple one-pot route for the chemical synthesis of CdS colloidal quantum dots in aqueous medium was developed. In this wet chemical preparation, the anionic surfactant SDS (sodium dodecylsulfate) was used as the organic ...
  • Carrión, Juan Fernando; Gastauer, Markus; Mota, Nayara Mesquita; Meira-Neto, João Augusto Alves (Journal of Arid Environments, 2017-07)
    Nurse plants reduce the environmental severity experienced by neighboring plants by providing shade, enabling nutrient accumulation or protection from herbivores within patches of vegetation. Nurse plants should preferentially ...
  • Teixeira, F.R.F.; Nascimento, M.; Nascimento, A.C.C.; Silva, F.F. e; Cruz, C.D.; Azevedo, C.F.; Paixão, D.M.; Barroso, L.M.A.; Verardo, L.L.; Resende, M.D.V. de; Guimarães, S.E.F.; Lopes, P.S. (Genetics and Molecular Research, 2016-05-13)
    The aim of the present study was to propose and evaluate the use of factor analysis (FA) in obtaining latent variables (factors) that represent a set of pig traits simultaneously, for use in genomewide selection (GWS) ...
  • Oliveira, Tadeu Silva de; Leonel, Fernando de Paula; Silva, Cássio José da; Baffa, Danielle Ferreira; Pereira, José Carlos; Zervoudakis, Joanis Tilemahos (Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia, 2014-08-22)
    The objective of this study was to present some factors affecting feed efficiency in dairy goats. To develop our work, individual and average data from performance experiments with lactating goats were used. The following ...
  • Leite, Germano Leão Demolin; Picanço, Marcelo; Guedes, Raul Narciso Carvalho; Ecole, Carvalho Carlos (Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira, 2006-05-08)
    The objective of this work was to determine the effects of rainfall, temperature, predators, parasitoids, plant age, leaf chemical composition, levels of leaf nitrogen and potassium, besides density of leaf trichomes, on ...
  • Fonseca, Poliana Cristina de Almeida; Araujo, Ana Eugenia Ribeiro de Araujo e; Goulart, Isabela Maria Bernardes; Bernardes, Isabela Maria; Figueiredo, Ivan Abreu; Serra, Humberto Oliveira; Caldas, Arlene de Jesus Mendes; Aquino, Dorlene Maria Cardoso de (Revista da Sociedade Brasileira de Medicina Tropical, 2014-08-11)
    Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease that is caused by Mycobacterium leprae. The objective of this study was to evaluate the risk factors that are associated with neural alterations and physical disabilitiA prospective ...
  • Freitas, Brunnella Alcantara Chagas de; Franceschini, Sylvia do Carmo Castro (Revista Brasileira de Terapia Intensiva, 2012-08-13)
    This study analyzed the factors that are associated with the need for packed red blood cell transfusions in premature infants in a neonatal intensive care unit. This study is a cross-sectional study of secondary data from ...
  • Graça, R. N.; Alfenas, A. C.; Maffia, L. A.; Titon, M.; Alfenas, R. F.; Lau, D.; Rocabado, J. M. A. (Plant Pathology, 2009-06-08)
    The pattern of Cylindrocladium pteridis adhesion, germination and penetration in eucalypt leaves was assessed using scanning electron microscopy. The effects of inoculum concentration, leaf wetness period, plant age and ...
  • Silva, F.G.; Brito, L.F.; Torres, R.A.; Ribeiro Júnior, J.I.; Oliveira, H.R.; Caetano, G.C.; Rodrigues, M.T. (Genetics and Molecular Research, 2013-05-13)
    The objective of this research was to study the factors that influence the test day milk yield (TDMY) and percentages of protein, fat, lactose, and total dry extract obtained on test day. We evaluated 110,732 weekly milk ...

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