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  • Fontes, P.R.; Gomide, L.A.M.; Fontes, E.A.F.; Ramos, E.M.; Ramos, A.L.S. (Meat Science, 2010-02-16)
    Color stability of swine blood was studied over 12 weeks of storage in plastic bags, after pH (7.40, 6.70, or 6.00) adjustment, saturation with carbon monoxide (CO) and spray-drying. CO-treated dried blood presented a ...
  • Pinto, Vinícius Rodrigues Arruda; Araújo, Lucas Guimarães; Soares, Letícia dos Santos; Dantas, Maria Inês de Souza; Souza, Thiago Duarte de; Melo, Laura Fernandes; Minim, Valéria Paula Rodrigues; Bressan, Josefina; Lucia, Suzana Maria Della (Food Science and Technology, 2018)
    Six Brazilian commercial brands of snack bars were chosen to evaluate the importance of packaging, highlighting the potential of health claims on the acceptability of them. One hundred and two consumers evaluated bars in ...
  • Minim, Valéria Paula Rodrigues; Minim, Luis Antonio; Regazz, Adair José; Silva, Carlos Henrique Osorio; Carneiro, João de Deus Souza (Food Science and Technology, 2009-05-16)
    This study evaluated the influence of packaging and labeling attributes of sugarcane spirit on consumers' behavior by applying the results of conjoint analysis in sugarcane spirit market share simulation. Firstly, a conjoint ...
  • Lucia, Suzana Maria Della; Minim, Valéria Paula Rodrigues; Silva, Carlos Henrique Osório; Minim, Luis Antonio; Cipriano, Paula de Aguiar (Semina: Ciências Agrárias, 2013-10-14)
    The acceptance of the product is very complex and it involves not only its sensory attributes but also non-sensory characteristics, often presented in the packaging or related to concepts regarding the consumer. The relative ...

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