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Abr-2016Non-targeted insecticidal stress on the neotropical brown stink bug Euschistus herosSantos, Milaine F.; Campos, Mateus R.; Bravim, Jéssica N.; Oliveira, Eugenio E.; Guedes, Raul Narciso C.Artigo
11-Ago-2016Ontogenic behavioral consistency, individual variation and fitness consequences among lady beetlesGontijo, Lessando M.; Rodrigues, Alice S.; Botina, Lisbetd; Nascimento, Carolina P.; Torres, Jorge B.; Guedes, Raul Narciso C.Artigo
Out-2003Parasitism by the mite Acarophenax lacunatus on beetle pests of stored productsOliveira, Carlos Romero F.; Faroni, Leda Rita D'A.; Guedes, Raul Narciso C.; Pallini, AngeloArtigo
27-Out-2014Pleiotropic impact of endosymbiont load and co-occurrence in the Maize Weevil Sitophilus zeamaisCarvalho, Gislaine A.; Vieira, Juliana L.; Haro, Marcelo M.; Corrêa, Alberto S.; Ribon, Andrea Oliveira B.; Oliveira, Luiz Orlando de; Guedes, Raul Narciso C.Artigo
Set-2006Protein digestibility, protease activity, and post-embryonic development of the velvetbean caterpillar (Anticarsia gemmatalis) exposed to the trypsin-inhibitor benzamidinePilon, Anderson M.; Guedes, Raul Narciso C.; Oliveira, Maria Goreti A.Artigo
Mar-2002Pyrethroid-Acarophenax lacunatus interaction in suppressing the beetle Rhyzopertha dominica on stored wheatGonçalves, José Roberto; Faroni, Leda Rita D'A.; Guedes, Raul Narciso C.Artigo
10-Jun-2016Sexual success after stress? Imidacloprid Induced Hormesis in males of the Neotropical Stink Bug Euschistus herosBarcellos, Marcelo S.; Haddi, Khalid; Mendes, Marcos V.; Lino-Neto, José; Freitas, Hemerson L.; Guedes, Raul Narciso C.; Oliveira, Eugênio E.Artigo
25-Fev-2016Shaking youngsters and shaken adults: female beetles eavesdrop on larval seed vibrations to make egg-laying decisionsGuedes, Raul Narciso C.; Yack, Jayne E.Artigo
14-Ago-2014Spinosad and the tomato Borer Tuta absoluta: a bioinsecticide, an invasive pest threat, and high insecticide resistanceCampos, Mateus R.; Rodrigues, Agna Rita S.; Silva, Wellington M.; Silva, Tadeu Barbosa M.; Silva, Vitória Regina F.; Guedes, Raul Narciso C.; Siqueira, Herbert Alvaro A.Artigo
12-Dez-2014Spinosad in the native stingless bee Melipona quadrifasciata: regrettable non-target toxicity of a bioinsecticideMartins, Gustavo F.; Tomé, Hudson Vaner V.; Barbosa, Wagner F.; Guedes, Raul Narciso C.Artigo
26-Jun-2013Weevil x Insecticide: Does ‘Personality’ Matter?Morales, Juliana A.; Cardoso, Danúbia G.; Lucia, Terezinha Maria C. Della; Guedes, Raul Narciso C.Artigo