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  • Yadav, C.; Guedes, R. N. C.; Matheson, S. M.; Timbers, T. A.; Yack, J. E. (Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, 2017-02-21)
    Sociality is widespread in caterpillars, but the communication mechanisms used for group formation and cohesion are poorly understood. Here, we present the first evidence that caterpillars produce complex vibratory signals ...
  • Guedes, R. N. C.; Matheson, S. M.; Frei, B.; Smith, M. L.; Yack, J. E. (Vibration detection and discrimination in the masked birch caterpillar (Drepana arcuata), 2012-02-01)
    Leaf-borne vibrations are potentially important to caterpillars for communication and risk assessment. Yet, little is known about the vibratory environment of caterpillars, or how they detect and discriminate between ...

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