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  • Zerbini, F. Murilo; Maes, Piet; Adkins, Scott; Alkhovsky, Sergey V.; Avšič-Županc, Tatjana; Ballinger, Matthew J.; Bente, Dennis A.; Beer, Martin; Bergeron, Éric; Blair, Carol D.; Briese, Thomas; Buchmeier, Michael J.; Burt, Felicity J.; Calisher, Charles H.; Charrel, Rémi N.; Choi, Il Ryong; Clegg, J. Christopher S.; Torre, Juan Carlos de la (Archives of Virology, 2019-03)
    In October 2018, the order Bunyavirales was amended by inclusion of the family renaviridae, abolishment of three families, creation of three new families, 19 new genera, and 14 new species, and renaming of three genera and ...
  • Rojas, Maria R.; Macedo, Monica A.; Maliano, Minor R.; Soto-Aguilar, Maria; Souza, Juliana O.; Briddon, Rob W.; Kenyon, Lawrence; Bustamante, Rafael F. Rivera; Zerbini, F. Murilo; Adkins, Scott; Legg, James P.; Kvarnheden, Anders; Wintermantel, William M.; Sudarshana, Mysore R.; Peterschmitt, Michel; Lapidot, Moshe; Martin, Darren P.; et al. (Annual Review of Phytopathology, 2018)
    Management of geminiviruses is a worldwide challenge because of the widespread distribution of economically important diseases caused by these viruses. Regardless of the type of agriculture, management is most effective ...

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