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  • Simmonds, Peter; Adams, Mike J.; Benko, Mária; Breitbart, Mya; Brister, J. Rodney; Zerbini, F. Murilo; Carstens, Eric B.; Davison, Andrew J.; Delwart, Eric; Gorbalenya, Alexander E.; Harrach, Balázs; Hull, Roger; King, Andrew M.Q.; Koonin, Eugene V.; Krupovic, Mart; Kuhn, Jens H.; Lefkowitz, Elliot J.; et al. (Nature Reviews Microbiology, 2017-03)
    The number and diversity of viral sequences that are identified in metagenomic data far exceeds that of experimentally characterized virus isolates. In a recent workshop, a panel of experts discussed the proposal that, ...

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