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  • Fernandes, J. J.; Carvalho, M. G.; Andrade, E. C.; Brommonschenkel, S. H.; Fontes, E. P. B.; Zerbini, F. M. (Plant Pathology, 2006-05-30)
    A viral complex causing golden mosaic and leaf distortion (rugosity) in tomato plants was obtained from viruliferous whiteflies, and named TGV-Ub1. This complex was sap-transmitted from tomato to Nicotiana benthamiana. ...
  • Ambrozevícius, L. P.; Calegario, R. F.; Fernandes, J. J.; Mello, R. N. de; Zerbini, F. M.; Ribeiro, S. G.; Ávila, A. C.; Bezerra, I. C.; Lima, M. F.; Rocha, H. (Archives of Virology, 2003-01)
    Tomato-infecting begomoviruses have been reported throughout Brazil since the introduction of the B biotype of Bemisia tabaci. Here, we report a large scale survey on the distribution and genetic diversity of tomato-infecting ...

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