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7-Mai-2013DNA interaction with Actinomycin D: mechanical measurements reveal the details of the binding dataCesconetto, E. C.; A. Junior, F. S.; Crisafuli, F. A. P.; Mesquita, O. N.; Ramos, E. B.; Rocha, M. S.Artigo
23-Out-2017Doxorubicin hinders DNA condensation promoted by the protein bovine serum albumin (BSA)Lima, C. H. M.; Paula, H. M. C. de; Silva, L. H. M. da; Rocha, M. S.Artigo
6-Ago-2015Extracting physical chemistry from mechanics: a new approach to investigate DNA interactions with drugs and proteins in single molecule experimentsRocha, M. S.Artigo
26-Ago-2015Controlling cooperativity in β-cyclodextrin–DNA binding reactionsRocha, M. S.; Alves, P. S.; Mesquita, O. N.Artigo
2-Fev-2017Unfolding DNA condensates produced by DNA-like charged depletants: A force spectroscopy studyLima, C. H. M.; Rocha, M. S.; Ramos, E. B.Artigo
10-Abr-2014On the effects of intercalators in DNA condensation: a force spectroscopy and gel electrophoresis studyRocha, M. S.; Cavalcante, A. G.; Silva, R.; Ramos, E. B.Artigo
20-Abr-2015Force-dependent persistence length of DNA–intercalator complexes measured in single molecule stretching experimentsBazoni, R. F.; Lima, C. H. M.; Ramos, E. B.; Rocha, M. S.Artigo
30-Nov-2015Depletion interactions and modulation of DNA‐intercalators binding: Opposite behavior of the “neutral” polymer poly(ethylene‐glycol)Crisafuli, F. A. P.; Silva, L. H. M. da; Ferreira, G. M. D.; Ramos, E. B.; Rocha, M. S.; Walter, NilsArtigo
28-Out-2013DNA Interaction with diaminobenzidine studied with optical tweezers and dynamic light scatteringReis, L. A.; Ramos, E. B.; Rocha, M. S.Artigo
11-Set-2017Force spectroscopy unravels the role of ionic strength on DNA-cisplatin interaction: Modulating the binding parametersOliveira, L.; Rocha, M. S.Artigo