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  • Del Cima, O. M. (Physics Letters B, 2013-03-13)
    The massive even-parity non-Abelian gauge model in three space–time dimensions proposed by Jackiw and Pi is studied at the tree-level. The propagators are computed and the spectrum consistency is analyzed, besides, the ...
  • Del Cima, O. M.; Franco, D. H. T.; Piguet, O. (Journal of High Energy Physics, 2017-11-06)
    The issue intensively claimed in the literature on the generation of a CPT-odd and Lorentz violating Chern-Simons-like term by radiative corrections owing to a CPT violating interaction — the axial coupling of fermions ...
  • Del Cima, O. M. (Physics Letters B, 2015-11-12)
    The parity-preserving massive QED3 exhibits vanishing gauge coupling β-function and is parity and infrared anomaly free at all orders in perturbation theory. Parity is not an anomalous symmetry, even for the parity-preserving ...

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