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  • Lelis, Carini Aparecida; Hudson, Eliara Acipreste; Ferreira, Guilherme Max Dias; Ferreira, Gabriel Max Dias; Silva, Luis Henrique Mendes da; Silva, Maria do Carmo Hespanhol da; Pinto, Maximiliano Soares; Pires, Ana Clarissa dos Santos (Food Chemistry, 2017-02-15)
    The interaction between Allura Red and bovine serum albumin (BSA) was studied in vitro at pH 7.4. The fluorescence quenching was classified as static quenching due to the formation of AR–BSA complex, with binding constant ...
  • Bernardes, Patrícia Campos; Araújo, Emiliane Andrade; Pires, Ana Clarissa dos Santos; Fialho Júnior, José Felício Queiroz; Lelis, Carini Aparecida; Andrade, Nélio José de (Brazilian Journal of Microbiology, 2012-06-07)
    The adhesion of the solids presents in food can difficult the process of surface cleaning and promotes the bacterial adhesion process and can trigger health problems. In our study, we used UHT whole milk, chocolate based ...

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