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  • Cunha, Mário Lúcio Pereira; Aquino, Leonardo Angelo; Novais, Roberto Ferreira; Clemente, Junia Maria; Aquino, Priscila Maria de; Oliveira, Thaisa Fernanda (Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo, 2015-11-06)
    Univariate methods for diagnosing nutritional status such as the sufficiency range and the critical level for garlic crops are very susceptible to the effects of dilution and accumulation of nutrients. Therefore, this study ...
  • Nunes, Pedro Henrique Marques Paula; Aquino, Leonardo Angelo de; Xavier, Felipe Oliveira; Santos, Luiz Paulo Dornelas dos; Machado, Lucas Gonçalves; Aquino, Priscila Maria de (Semina: Ciências Agrárias, 2016-05-10)
    High rates of nitrogen (N) increase plant growth, which can result in lodging. To avoid excessive growth of plants, plant growth regulators (PGRs), which cause internode length reduction, can be used. In this study, our ...
  • Aquino, Rosiane Filomena Batista Almeida; Assunção, Natália Silva; Aquino, Leonardo Angelo; Aquino, Priscila Maria de; Oliveira, Guilherme Anthony de; Carvalho, André Mundstock Xavier de (Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo, 2014-12-02)
    Farmers must carefully choose the cultivar to be grown for a successful carrot crop. The yield potential of the cultivar may influence nutrient demand and should be known to plan for fertilization application. The aim of ...
  • Dezordi, Luciel Rauni; Aquino, Leonardo Angelo de; Novais, Roberto Ferreira; Aquino, Priscila Maria de; Santos, Luiz Paulo Dornelas dos (Revista Brasileira de Ciência do Solo, 2015-08-18)
    The literature on fertilization for carrot growing usually recommends nutrient application rates for yield expectations lower than the yields currently obtained. Moreover, the recommendation only considers the results of ...

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