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  • Zanetti, D.; Valadares Filho, S. C.; Prados, L. F.; Detmann, E.; Pacheco, M. V. C.; Godoi, L. A.; Rennó, L. N.; Engle, T. E. (Livestock Science, 2017-04)
    In Brazil, commonly males of dairy herd are destined to beef production. However, little is known about the mineral requirements for dairy males. Therefore, the objective of this experiment was to evaluate the calcium (Ca) ...
  • Rotta, P. P.; Gionbelli, T. R. S.; Veloso, C. M.; Valadares Filho, S. C.; Carvalho, B. C.; Marcondes, M. I.; Ferreira, M. F. L.; Souza, J. V. F.; Santos, J. S. A. A.; Lacerda, L. C.; Duarte, M. S.; Gionbelli, M. P. (Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition, 2016-08-03)
    We aimed to evaluate the effects of maternal nutrition (MN) and foetal sex on the intestinal development of bovine foetuses throughout different days of gestation (DG). Forty-four multiparous, dry Holstein 9 Gyr cows with ...

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