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  • Vieira, Milene Faria; Ollerton, Jeff; Liede-Schumann, Sigrid; Endress, Mary E.; Meve, Ulrich; Rech, André Rodrigo; Shuttleworth, Adam; Fishbein, Mark; Keller, Héctor A.; Alvarado-Cárdenas, Leonardo O.; Amorim, Felipe W.; Bernhardt, Peter; Celep, Ferhat; Chirango, Yolanda; Chiriboga-Arroyo, Fidel; Civeyrel, Laure; Cocucci, Andrea; et al. (Annals of Botany, 2019-01)
    Large clades of angiosperms are often characterized by diverse interactions with pollinators, but how these pollination systems are structured phylogenetically and biogeographically is still uncertain for most families. ...

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