Brain temperature in spontaneously hypertensive rats during physical exercise in temperate and warm environments

Show simple item record Drummond, Lucas Rios Kunstetter, Ana Cançado Vaz, Filipe Ferreira Campos, Helton Oliveira Andrade, André Gustavo Pereira de Coimbra, Cândido Celso Natali, Antônio José Wanner, Samuel Penna Prímola-Gomes, Thales Nicolau 2017-10-24T12:33:19Z 2017-10-24T12:33:19Z 2016-05-23
dc.identifier.issn 1932-6203
dc.description.abstract This study aimed to evaluate brain temperature (Tbrain) changes in spontaneously hypertensive rats (SHRs) subjected to two different physical exercise protocols in temperate or warm environments. We also investigated whether hypertension affects the kinetics of exercise-induced increases in Tbrain relative to the kinetics of abdominal temperature (Tabd) increases. Male 16-week-old normotensive Wistar rats (NWRs) and SHRs were implanted with an abdominal temperature sensor and a guide cannula in the frontal cortex to enable the insertion of a thermistor to measure Tbrain. Next, the animals were subjected to incremental-speed (initial speed of 10 m/min; speed was increased by 1 m/min every 3 min) or constant-speed (60% of the maximum speed) treadmill running until they were fatigued in a temperate (25°C) or warm (32°C) environment. Tbrain, Tabd and tail skin temperature were measured every min throughout the exercise trials. During incremental and constant exercise at 25°C and 32°C, the SHR group exhibited greater increases in Tbrain and Tabd relative to the NWR group. Irrespective of the environment, the heat loss threshold was attained at higher temperatures (either Tbrain or Tabd) in the SHRs. Moreover, the brain-abdominal temperature differential was lower at 32°C in the SHRs than in the NWRs during treadmill running. Overall, we conclude that SHRs exhibit enhanced brain hyperthermia during exercise and that hypertension influences the kinetics of the Tbrain relative to the Tabd increases, particularly during exercise in a warm environment. en
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dc.publisher PLos One pt-BR
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dc.title Brain temperature in spontaneously hypertensive rats during physical exercise in temperate and warm environments en
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