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Tipo: Artigo
Título: Could shading reduce the negative impacts of drought on coffee? A morphophysiological analysis
Autor(es): Cavatte, Paulo C.
Oliveira, Alvaro A. G.
Morais, Leandro E.
Martins, Samuel C. V.
Sanglard, Lılian M. V. P.
DaMatta, F abio M.
Abstract: Based on indirect evidence, it was previously suggested that shading could attenuate the negative impacts of drought on coffee (Coffea arabica), a tropical crop species native to shady environments. A variety (47) of morphological and physiological traits were examined in plants grown in 30‐l pots in either full sunlight or 85% shade for 8 months, after which a 4‐month water shortage was implemented. Overall, the traits showed weak or negligible responses to the light × water interaction, explaining less than 10% of the total data variation. Only slight variations in biomass allocation were observed in the combined shade and drought treatment. Differences in relative growth rates were mainly associated with physiological and not with morphological adjustments. In high light, drought constrained the photosynthetic rate through stomatal limitations with no sign of apparent photoinhibition; in low light, such constraints were apparently linked to biochemical factors. Sun‐grown plants displayed osmotic adjustments, decreased tissue elasticities and improved long‐term water use efficiencies, especially under drought. Regardless of the water availability, higher concentrations of lipids, total phenols, total soluble sugars and lignin were found in high light compared to shade conditions, in contrast to the effects on cellulose and hemicellulose concentrations. Proline concentrations increased in water‐deprived plants, particularly those grown under full sun. Phenotypic plasticity was much higher in response to the light than to the water supply. Overall, shading did not alleviate the negative impacts of drought on the coffee tree.
Palavras-chave: Coffee
Morphophysiological analysis
Editor: Physiologia Plantarum
Tipo de Acesso: Physiologia Plantarum
Data do documento: 8-Jul-2011
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