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Tipo: Artigo
Título: Experimental realization of the fuse model of crack formation
Autor(es): Otomar, D. R.
Menezes-Sobrinho, I. L.
Couto, M. S.
Abstract: In this work, we present an experimental investigation of the fuse model. Our main goal was to study the influence of the disorder on the fracture process. The experimental apparatus used consisted of an L×L square lattice with fuses placed on each bond of the lattice. Two types of materials were used as fuses: copper and steel wool wires. The lattice composed only of copper wires varied from a weakly disordered system to a strongly disordered one. The lattice formed only by steel wool wires corresponded to a strongly disordered one. The experimental procedure consisted of applying a potential difference V to the lattice and measuring the respective current I. The characteristic function I(V) obtained was investigated in order to find the scaling law dependence of the voltage and the current on the system size L when the disorder was changed. Our results show that the scaling laws are only verified for the disordered regime.
Palavras-chave: Experimental realization
Fuse model
Crack formation
Editor: Physical Review Letters
Tipo de Acesso: American Physical Society
Data do documento: 7-Mar-2006
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