Detection of a chloramphenicol efflux system in Escherichia coli isolated from poultry carcass

Show simple item record Moreira, M.A.S. Oliveira, J.A. Teixeira, L.M. Moraes, C.A. 2018-05-15T10:52:48Z 2018-05-15T10:52:48Z 2005-06-15
dc.identifier.issn 0378-1135
dc.description.abstract An active chloramphenicol efflux system was demonstrated in a multiresistant E. coli isolated from poultry carcass. The effect of different concentrations of chloramphenicol on the original strain and on the plasmid-cured strain was determined in the presence and in the absence of CCCP, an uncoupler of the proton-motive force. Minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) was lower in the presence of CCCP in the original strain. The plasmid-cured strain displayed lower resistance for chloramphenicol than the wild type, but the MIC was not affected by CCCP. The combined results indicate a plasmid encoded energy dependent resistance mechanism. 3H-chloramphenicol accumulation within the cells was measured by scintillation counting. The uptake or the efflux of 3H-chloramphenicol was influenced by CCCP in the original strain, but not in the plasmid-cured strain. More than one chloramphenicol resistance mechanism may exist in this strain. E. coli is an important commensal or pathogen that inhabits the gastrointestinal tracts of humans and animals, so a plasmid encoded active drug resistance mechanism can be a potential source of horizontal transfer of resistance. en
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dc.publisher Veterinary Microbiology pt-BR
dc.relation.ispartofseries Volume 109, Issues 1–2, Pages 75-81, August 2005 pt-BR
dc.rights Elsevier B.V. pt-BR
dc.subject Antibiotic resistance pt-BR
dc.subject Plasmid encoded pt-BR
dc.subject Drug efflux system pt-BR
dc.subject Escherichia coli pt-BR
dc.subject Chloramphenicol pt-BR
dc.title Detection of a chloramphenicol efflux system in Escherichia coli isolated from poultry carcass en
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