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Tipo: Artigo
Título: Distribution of infectious bronchitis virus strains in different organs and evidence of vertical transmission in natural infection
Autor(es): Pereira, Claiton Gonçalves
Saraiva, Giuliana Loreto
Vidigal, Pedro Marcus Pereira
Fietto, Juliana Lopes Rangel
Bressan, Gustavo Costa
Moreira, Maria Aparecida Scatamburlo
Almeida, Márcia Rogéria de
Silva Júnior, Abelardo
Abstract: On the basis of partial sequencing of the infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) S1 gene, this study investigated the molecular diversity of the virus in two life periods of a batch of breeding hens at the field level. The chicks were vaccinated against IBV on the second day of life with the vaccine Ma5, but at the age of 18 days, they exhibited clinical signs and macroscopic lesions compatible with avian infectious bronchitis (IB). In the clinical disease stage, the Ma5 vaccine strain was detected in the trachea, lungs, and small intestine of the chicks, while IBV variants were detected in the bursa of Fabricius and kidneys. Subsequently, new samples were collected from the same batch at the end of the production cycle. In this phase, the Ma5 vaccine strain was detected in the kidneys, small intestine, and oviduct of the hens. However, a previously unidentified IBV variant was found in the cecal tonsils. Additionally, a fragment of viral RNA with that was completely identical to the corresponding region of the Ma5 vaccine was detected in the allantoic fluid of viable embryos from the hens under study after 18 days of incubation. These findings suggest that, in addition to the Ma5 vaccine, other strains of IBV variants can coexist, seeming to establish a chronic infection in the chickens, and that they can potentially be transmitted vertically. These results may assist in immunoprophylaxis control programs against IBV
Palavras-chave: Vertical transmission
Infectious bronchitis virus
Infectious bronchitis virus strain
Cecal tonsil
Infectious bronchitis virus infection
Editor: Archives of Virology
Tipo de Acesso: Springer-Verlag Wien
Data do documento: 1-Set-2016
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