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Tipo: Artigo
Título: Cytogenetic analysis of Ctenostomini by C-banding and rDNA localization and its relevance to the knowledge of the evolution of tiger beetles (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae)
Autor(es): Zacaro, Adilson Ariza
Proença, Sónia J.R.
Lopes-Andrade, Cristiano
Serrano, Artur R.M.
Abstract: In this work, the first cytogenetic data on Neotropical Collyrinae is provided, by way of their karyotypes, C-banding and ribosomal genes (rDNA) localization using fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). The two species analysed, Ctenostoma (Procephalus) ornatum ornatum (male) and Ctenostoma (Euctenostoma) rugosum (female) showed, respectively, a diploid number of 17 and 18 chromosomes. C. ornatum ornatum has a multiple sex chromosome system (n 1⁄4 7 + X 1 X 2 Y), and mitotic and meiotic metaphase cells showed rDNA gene labelling in the smallest autosomal pair. In this species, no C-bands were obtained, while C. rugosum seems to exhibit centromeric and/or interstitial C-bands in almost all chromosomes. The observation of a multiple sex chromosome system in Ctenostomini ensured the appearance of this characteristic in the hypothetical ancestral of Collyrinae and Cicindelini. The subfamily Collyrinae is not uniform in what concerns diploid chromosome number and rDNA gene localization, because C. ornatum ornatum possesses a lower chromosome number and autosomal rDNA genes when compared with the other Collyrinae species studied (Neocollyris spp.). Independent events leading to the reduction in chromosome number might have taken place during the split of the Collyrinae into the tribes Ctenostomini and Collyrini.
Palavras-chave: Chromosome evolution
Multiple sex chromosomes
Tiger beetles
Editor: Genetica
Tipo de Acesso: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Data do documento: 11-Mai-2004
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