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dc.contributor.authorMundim, Gabriel Borges
dc.contributor.authorViana, José Marcelo Soriano
dc.contributor.authorMaia, Ciro
dc.contributor.authorPaes, Geı́sa Pinheiro
dc.contributor.authorDeLima, Rodrigo Oliveira
dc.description.abstractPopcorn inbred lines with more efficient nitrogen use are better able to uptake nitrogen from the soil and convert it into higher grain yield, resulting in lower environmental and economic impacts caused by nitrogen fertilization. The objectives of this study were to (i) identify inbred lines superior in nitrogen use (ii) assess the genetic diversity between popcorn inbred lines under high and low N conditions and (iii) investigate the causal effects of several traits in nitrogen use efficiency (NUE). We evaluated 25 popcorn inbred lines under high and low N, and several traits related to NUE and its components were measured. Efficient and inefficient inbred lines under both N levels were identified and can be useful for generating a segregating population for quantitative trait loci mapping. The genetic diversity assessment based on phenotypic traits grouped the inbred lines into four clusters under both N levels, and the efficient inbred lines were grouped together, as were the inefficient lines. The most divergent inbred lines under high N were classified as efficient and intermediate and can be useful to generate a divergent breeding population with a high frequency of favorable genes for NUE. Nitrogen uptake efficiency (NUpE) was considered the most important trait for NUE. To improve the accuracy of selection for NUE, a selection index involving the total root length (TRL), daily growth and NUpE traits under both N levels is recommended, as these traits had high correlations with and direct effects on NUE.en
dc.relation.ispartofseriesv. 191, n. 2, p. 291– 299, mai. 2013pt-BR
dc.rightsSpringer Nature Switzerland
dc.subjectAbiotic stresspt-BR
dc.subjectGenetic variabilitypt-BR
dc.subjectRoot and shoot traitspt-BR
dc.titleGenetic diversity and path analysis for nitrogen use efficiency in popcorn inbred linesen
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