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Tipo: Artigo
Título: On the relationship between the plateau modulus and the threshold frequency in peptide gels
Autor(es): Rizzi, L. G.
Abstract: Relations between static and dynamic viscoelastic responses in gels can be very elucidating and may provide useful tools to study the behavior of bio-materials such as protein hydrogels. An important example comes from the viscoelasticity of semisolid gel-like materials, which is characterized by two regimes: a low-frequency regime, where the storage modulus G (ω) displays a constant value Geq , and a high-frequency power-law stiffening regime, where G (ω) ∼ ωn . Recently, by considering Monte Carlo simulations to study the formation of peptides networks, we found an intriguing and somewhat related power-law relationship between the plateau modulus and the threshold frequency, i.e., Geq ∼ (ω∗ )∆ with ∆ = 2/3. Here we present a simple theoretical approach to describe that relationship and test its validity by using experimental data from a β-lactoglobulin gel. We show that our approach can be used even in the coarsening regime where the fractal model fails. Remarkably, the very same exponent ∆ is found to describe the experimental data.
Palavras-chave: Plateau modulus
Peptide gels
Editor: The Journal of Chemical Physics
Tipo de Acesso: Published by AIP Publishing
Data do documento: 29-Dez-2017
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